Charles Tomlinson Griffes: Family Tree Location

Charles Tomlinson Griffes was one of Nathaniel Griffes’ great grandsons. Nathaniel was the sixth of twelve children of William Griffis (born 1736). Nathaniel introduced the unique spelling of the family name as “Griffes” which continued through his family line.

To situate Charles T. Griffes in the family tree, using Harold Griffis, as the family reference point, moving back up the family tree through Harold’s father, Charles, to his grandfather William Griffis (1843- 1908): (see family tree image A below)

Family Tree Image A

William J. Griffis’ father was Joel Griffis. Joel’s father was Daniel Griffis. Daniel was one of twelve children of William Griffis and Abiah Gates. William Griffis was Harold’s great great grandfather.

At the present time of writing this story, William Griffis is the furthest I can trace the Griffis(th)(es) surname.

William Griffis and Abiah Gates had 12 children. The children used various spellings of the surname Griffis. Daniel’s older brother, Nathaniel spelled surname with an ‘es’ at the end.

Nathaniel Griffes and his first wife Esther, had two sons, Stephen and Joel and a daughter Julia.

Stephen Griffes had three children, one of his two sons was Wilbur Griffes. Wilbur had five children , one of which was Charles Tomlinson Griffes. Family Tree Image B.

So the common family reference for Harold and Charles Tomlinson Griffes is William Griffis. The family tree lineage for Charles T. Griffes is:

Charles T. Griffes > Wilbur > Stephen > Nathaniel > William Griffis (great great grandfather)

The family tree lineage for Harold Griffis our reference point is:

Harold Griffis > Charles > William > Joel > Daniel > William Griffis great great great grandfather

Family Tree Image B

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