Detailed list of Family Surnames

The stories in this blog my not touch on all of the branches in the Griffis family. I nevertheless thought it would be beneficial to list family names that are the basic structure of my family tree in the event anyone may have information on individuals or families that we may share as common ancestors. The following is not an exhaustive list of names but major surnames in the Griffis family tree.

Figure 1: This is the start of the paternal side starting with my grandparents Harold Griffis and Evelyn Dutcher.
Figure 2: This tree starts with Joel Griffis and his wife Margery Gillespie, parents of William J Griffis.
Figure 3: This tree starts with Ruth Carpenter, William J Griffis’ wife.
Figure 4: This tree is a continuation of Figure 3 for the Carpenter family line.
Figure 5: This tree starts with Marquis Dutcher, father of Ruleff Dutcher in Figure 1
Figure 6: This tree starts with Gabriel Dutcher’s parents.
Figure 7: This tree starts with Mariah Hartom, wife of Ruleff in Figure 1.
Figure 8: this is the continuation of the Platts family tree found in Figure 1.