Family Tree Individual Locator

Family trees can get fairly big and contain a large number of individuals, branches and generations. In a given blog story I will indicate the relative location of an individual in the Griffis family tree. When you see this image of the magnifying glass, click on it, you will be given information on where the given individual or family is located in the family tree.

I have arbitrarily chosen my paternal grandparents, Harold Griffis and Evelyn Dutcher, and my maternal grandfather Frederick Hart as reference points that will provide the reader with a sense of where a given individual resides in the family tree.

Many of the living members of my family (my generation and the generation before) knew and have memories of Harold, Evelyn Griffis and Fred Hart. Since this is perhaps the last generation that family members have knowledge about their lives, I thought it would be appropriate to use them as a reference point in locating other family members in branches of the family tree. These three individuals were born around the same time at the beginning of the 20th century.

For example, the first blog story involved William J. Griffis and his Civil War discharge paper and Civil War musket. William J Griffis is the grandfather to Harold Griffis.

As depicted in the family tree above, you can trace Harold to his father, Charles A. Griffis, and then to William J. Griffis.